Artist Statement

Welcome to my artistic world, where fluid acrylics on canvas come alive in vibrant, expressive forms.


I am Adriana Groza, independent artist, originally from Transylvania, Romania, currently residing in Hamilton, New Jersey. I work in my public studio, in the Princeton Shopping Center at Princeton Makes. My art is primarily abstract and nature-inspired, featuring vibrant colors and created on deep edge gallery-wrapped canvas. I use fluid acrylics, moving them primarily with air, without brushes or sketches. This process results in organic, free-flowing, unscripted paintings that capture the essence of nature’s beauty and rhythms. Each piece is a unique exploration of color and form, inviting viewers to experience a sense of wonder and connection with the natural world, as well as with their own imagination and emotions, allowing it all to just be as it is.

My latest collection, “Floral Fusion,” challenges the conventional boundaries of botanical art, allowing you to immerse yourself in a visual journey that transcends mere representation. Through this collection, my aim is to evoke a deep emotional response, inspiring a renewed connection with the natural world. I seek to foster a heightened appreciation for the ephemeral beauty that surrounds us and to provoke contemplation on the enduring resilience that unites all living beings.

My artistic process is deeply intertwined with nature’s rhythms, echoing the growth and expansion found in vines and flowers. Just as nature follows its course, my approach to pouring and manipulating acrylics requires a delicate balance between control and spontaneity. Each movement and tool capture a snippet of controlled chaos, revealing unpredictable patterns that symbolize the serendipitous beauty of artistic expression. As an immigrant, I find parallels between the growth of flora and my own journey of adaptation and growth in unfamiliar soil. “Floral Fusion” is not just an exploration of nature’s patterns but also a narrative of resilience and transformation, capturing the delicate dance between the known and the unknown.

In addition to creating, I am a passionate teaching artist, offering workshops that combine fluid acrylics with mindfulness, connection building, and culinary artistry. These workshops are open to all, regardless of experience, providing a non-judgmental and inclusive space for personal exploration and creative expression. My original artworks have found homes in private collections across the US and Europe, as well as in public buildings in New Jersey, including the Department of Taxation and Department of Health buildings in Trenton. I invite you to step into my studio or join me for a workshop, where you can experience firsthand the joy and beauty of fluid acrylics.

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2024 Art Festivals

Arlington Festival of the Arts, Arlington, VA (Apr. 27-28, 2024)
Westhampton Beach Fine Arts Festival, NY (May 25-26, 2024)
Brookdale Park Art Festival, Montclair, NJ (June 15-16, 2024)
East Hampton Art Affair at Herrick Park, East Hampton, NY (June 22-23, 2024)
Amagansett Fine Arts Festival, Amagansett, NY (June 29-30, 2024)
East Hampton Village, invitational Fine art festival, NY (July 26-28, 2024)
Mary O. Fritchie Juried Fine Arts & Crafts Show, Westhampton Beach, NY (Aug. 3-4,2024)
Westhampton Beach Festival, Westhampton Beach, NY (Aug 31- Sept 1, 2024)
Alexandria Old Town Art Festival, Alexandria, VA (Sept. 14-15, 2023)
Art in the Courtyard, Princeton NJ (Oct 6)
Brookdale Park Fall, Montclair, NJ (Oct 19, 20)