Artsbridge- Distinguished Artists Series

Welcome to my first zoom presentation of my art and painting techniques. Organized and hosted by Artsbridge, a prestigious arts establishment in Stockton, New Jersey. Many thanks go to the organizers, hosts and guests, as well as others who have contributed to a successful experience.

Credit for the painting demonstration video: Michael V. Finazzo.

“Adriana Groza’s art is abstract and created using fluid acrylics, manipulated directly on the canvas. She applies her foundation color and then allows her feelings and imagination to wander free with the fluid pigments, without dominating or restricting. Several unconventional instruments and techniques are used to move the paint around without a brush.

Adriana’s demonstration will show the surprising effects of working with fluid acrylics. She will share how her artistic process has been transformative and cultivated her vision.”

“Art is a means for my self-healing and a way to reach into an understanding of time and matter. I am unlocked to bring to light what arises on the canvas before me. In that sense, I am as much a spectator as a creator as my paintings take shape. The realization of physical grounding in a space that has been here before me and will continue to live on after I am gone, allows me to center myself in living precisely within that moment, and living it in its entirety. My best works are active and imply movement across the space, or they emerge from, or descend into space for the observer.” (Adriana Groza)

Presentation recording